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eMail on the Mac is a great experience whether you use the builtin Mail.App or Microsoft Entourage. These two mac-only applications are not the only email clients available on the platform, but they represent the biggest userbases, and in my opinion, the best experiences on the platform.

Apple’s Mail.app is a very capable application, which can pick up multiple accounts of various types over the net. One feature that sets it apart from the rest is the unified inbox. Rather than display each account in its own folder tree like outlook and others, Mail.app unifies the inboxes into a master inbox, master sent items, master junk folder, etc. You are still able to expand the master mailboxes like a folder tree and select the individual account inboxes, etc.

To start off, no email journey on the mac is complete without first visiting hawkwings.net. This blog is the hub of all things mail.app related.

One of the newest resources there is a list of templates for mail.app. Mail.app can be used to send mail based on pre-designed templates that will render in most modern email clents. Number of people are creating new templates and making them available for download. HawkWings has compiled a list several of these available collections.

The NovCon Design Group also has designed a few of our own templates available here for free.
Mail.App Templates

Pasted Graphic 2 There are a few extensions which are indispensible. First up is widemail. Why Apple refuses to do a three-verticle-pane view in Mail.App is beyond me, as for anyone with a wide screen, it is by far the best way to view your inbox. Luckily Dane Harnett came to the rescue with this plugin that adds that functionality.

Next up would be GrowlMail, a component of Growl. Growl is a notification system for your mac. The best way I can describe it is if you have ever used msn messenger or google talk on the pc, or outlook, and gotten the little rectangular notification that slides up on the bottom right corner of your screen to let you know something happened, that’s kinda like what growl does. But growl does it with style. Notifications can look like any number of styled themes, from the rectangular sliding popup, to a music-video styled lower-third bar, to a character with a speech bubble. It does take a little work to get it installed and running, but is well worth your time. BubblesScreenshotBezelScreenshot

Junk Mail Preferences Spam is a growing problem for any email account. Mail.App does include some decent spam filtering support. If you go to your preferences in mail.app and go to the Junk Mail tab, you can enable Junk Mail filtering and select one of three modes. It is recommended to train the system for a while using “Mark as Junk Mail, but leave it in my inbox”. After you are happy with the ability of the system to properly detect spam, you can set the app to automatically move the messages to a Junk folder.